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We have a valuable wood carving 2’ x 7” x ¾” we got in Italy last summer. First we saw one hole from one side to the the other. Looked like it was bored through. Then we got another hole from one side to the other, not as cleanlooking. It appears from your website to be powder post woodworm. The wood is carved and I don’t think it has any finish on it.

On your website,

url:  http://www.bugspray.com/catalog/products/page157.html

it looks like you recommend Baygon aerosol.

My question is:

Due to the value of this piece (couple of $1000 dollars), are there any precautions we should take? Or should we just spray away? Are there possiblr stains and discoloration? Should we just treat the two holes or the whole piece?

I assume one can is enough?


At this point I would suggest treating with an aerosol. However, I would opt for the PT-CYKICK since it’s odorless. The BAYGON is adequate but does have a distinct odor. For treating structural members and other beams in the home, this is a non issue. But for a free standing piece I would opt for the Cykick so the chance of a lingering odor does not come into play.

Based on the size of the piece, I suspect 1 can will be plenty. However, it doesn’t sound like you have many “ports” of entry or exit holes. For now you could just treat the few you’ve found. This will help but as explained in our POWDERPOST BEETLE CONTROL, there is most likely some larvae deep in the wood feeding you need to kill. To reach them you will probably need to drill out some holes large enough to enable the straw of the Cykick to enter and deliver the spray inside the carving. Doing this every 6-8 inches around the piece would help a lot more than just treating the existing holes.

If you’re not willing to drill the wood I’m not sure you’ll be 100% successful unless the piece was treated with BORACARE which does penetrate will. You don’t state if the piece is finished or not so I’m not sure Boracare is even an option but it should be considered.

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