worms in parquet flooring


This flooring has been installed for 3 or 4 years.  Just this Spring, have small black worms been emerging from the cracks.  They seek a dark place and grow larger. Do you know what these are and how to treat them?

There is a wide range of beetles that commonly live in wood. Their larvae are small, worm like creatures that live in the wood eating their way through this growth stage. Once the larvae get their fill, some will stay to pupate (change to adults) and others will emerge and leave to molt elsewhere. All this is explained in greater detail in our POWDERPOST BEETLE CONTROL article.

Upon completion of the third stage, pupae will  hatch out the adult stage of this insect which will seek members of the opposite sex. They will mate and females will attempt to lay eggs on wood where the hatching young can once again feed. I suspect what you are seeing are the young larval stages that have fed and getting ready to pupate.

Treatment of the wood flooring can be done as explained in our article under the WOOD FLOOR TREATMENT section. Any questions, please give us a call at  1.800.877.7290.

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