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3yrs ago i bought a 100 yr old house & the inspectors said it had a slight Powder Post Beetle problem. I had no experience w/them before. I have always done my own spraying. I had sprayed for termites so i thought that would run them off as well.  Well apparentlly that did not i recently discovered while working under my house the other day discovered holes in my hardwood floors & floor joist. Since then i bought & sprayed Timbor. Will that kill them off? I don’t know if i can get every inch of wood sprayed.  Behind my drywall is tongue & groove wood do you think they will go into my attic floor after I spray the crawlspace? In KY is there a type of fumigating I can do myself since I can’t afford the cost of an Exterminator. Would it help to set off raid foggers in the crawlspace before spraying the Timbor in there?  Do I just spray the infected wood or all of it? Thanks B.

First, I suggest you read through our POWDERPOST BEETLE CONTROL article. There you will learn the best products to use when treating this pest. As explained in the article, TIMBOR is really only good for preventative treatments and won’t help much for anything established and currently active. The BORACARE is clearly the product needed here if you wish to get the much needed penetration for complete control. Remember, what you see at the surface of the wood is only the tip of the iceberg; most of the action will be deep down at the center of support beams and other large important structural members of the house and therefore be out of sight.

Second, there is no “fumigation” option other than tenting the house that would help. Total release aerosols aren’t going to penetrate the wood where the larvae are feeding so forget this approach.

Third, as our article explains, it’s generally best to treat as much of the lumber as you can. Since you have a crawl space and what sounds like an accessible attic, you should be able to see any activity and focus your attention on these areas. And be sure to treat surrounding wood. Wall voids are difficult to spray and if you feel they could be active in such spaces, get the FOAMING TOOL and inject the Boracare as we explain in our article.

Lastly, the only aerosol that can help at treating the problem would be something like the BAYGON or PT-CYKICK and in order for either work, they must be injected directly to beetle galleries and access points. To accomplish this, you’ll need to drill holes large enough for the injecting straw of the aerosols to fit where you want to treat. Drill patterns should be spaced 6-8 inches apart and the goal is to create a direct way for the aerosol to reach deep into the wood where the larva are feeding. Failure to “hit” galleries with the drill holes means the treatment will usually fail which is why Boracare is almost always your best bet when you need maximum coverage. The penetrating quality of Boracare makes it worth the extra cost since you know it will get deep down where it matters most when dealing with this pest. The advantage of the Boracare is that you won’t have to worry about drilling anything; it will penetrate and get to where it’s most  needed.

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