old barn wood with powderpost beetles

I have removed 50 year old southern pine, rough sawn boards from an old barn. These boards were not exposed to the weather because they were sided with tin. I want to use them for flooring and bat and board siding. They are quite infested with the powder post beetle. What should I do to treet the wood so that it will not contaminate the structure which I plan to use them on. Thank you.

As cited in our article on POWDERPOST BEETLE CONTROL, the BORACARE would be the best option. It will both penetrate and last a good long time. By penetrating, you’ll impregnate the wood with a treatment that will prevent future generations of the current population from using the wood for food. By lasting a good long time, you won’t have to reapply it again since the wood will be used inside.

Lastly, since Boracare is boron based, it’s very safe to use inside the home where people and pets may be present. Odorless and easy to apply, it poses no hazard when applied properly as explained in our PRODUCT SAFETY VIDEO.

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