wood beetles in mesquite

Hello, I build Mesquite art and I have a bar top that I installed in a new home. The piece is finished and has oil based polyurethane on it. I have been noticing 2 areas where the beetle is coming out. I am seeing small fine dust and tiny pin hole’s in the sap wood. However there are some holes in the bar top from worms that I left to give it character. If I insert Jecta gel into the holes will it take care of my problem? Will they die?

Mesquite wood will commonly have wood beetle activity. Ideally, it should always be treated prior to applying any sealant – especially if it is a work of art which shows signs of activity when being worked on. This is just the smart thing to do if you are giving or selling the work because most people will be unhappy with anything that contains insects which they intend on using inside their home. Whether their concern is warranted or not is not the issue; any type of wood product these days that is being sold as furniture or art should not contain insects which could in turn present other problems or lead to infestations elsewhere. I strongly suggest wood you would like to use which shows insect signs to be treated first with some BORACARE. It’s not costly to do, will kill any larva that are feeding and most important, will insure the wood can’t lead to any major infestation in some neighboring wood. The treatment won’t have any impact on the wood stock and once it dries following the application, you’ll be able to safely work with it as if it was completely natural and untreated. BORACARE uses boron as the active which is safe for people and pets to be around so it’s environmentally friendly. But to little insects like wood beetles it is not something they can digest when eating it.

At this point I don’t know if the JECTA GEL treatment will suffice. It can travel 4-6 inches from any one treatment hole but the hole must have enough material in it for this to happen. Additionally, the wood must have a grain which is receptive to the gel and allows it to flow naturally. If you drill larger holes and place them every 6 inches, I’m sure you’ll be able to get good coverage. Alternatively, if you remove the current finish and treat with Boracare, allow it to cure and then reseal it, I’m sure you’ll get the desired control as well. But placing some Jecta Gel in 1-2 holes probably won’t do the job since it does need to be applied in a “shotgun” pattern to get good coverage through the wood under normal conditions. If your piece has many turns and odd sized cuts, the leaching of the gel may be hampered or limited making uniform coverage difficult. Without seeing a picture or knowing the shape and size, it’ hard to tell for sure so if you need a better answer, send some photo’s and I’ll try to assess the likelihood of success based on the new data.

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