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I am being told there is only 1 vendor in GA authorized to treat for powder post beetles. My cabin has a stain on it that is 5 years old and I’m being told cabin must be tented. The vendor I have been referred to has quoted me $9500 to tent a 600 sq ft cabin. Which seems exorbitant. Is it true there is no other vendor in GA that give me a quote?

First, I know the list of companies that fumigate for powder post beetles in the state of Georgia is in fact a short list. However, I’m not sure there is only one company that will perform this service. To find out for sure, give the department of pesticides a call at 404-656-4958. they’re based in Atlanta and I’m sure they have a referral list readily available.

Second, if you take some time to read through our POWDER POST BEETLE CONTROL ARTICLE, you’ll learn there is in fact alternative options for treating wood infested with this pest. One of the more common treatment options involves spraying a product called BORACARE and if you expand your search of “companies to hire” to parameters that include using Boracare, I expect you’ll find a much bigger list of contractors available for hire. I also think you’ll find the cost to be substantially less compared to fumigating.

Lastly, if you’re so inclined to do the work on your own, you can choose to apply the Boracare yourself and in the end, save the most money. At this time Boracare would be your best option if you want to treat yourself and based on the size of the cabin involved, I’m sure the cost and effort would be manageable. Call us for more details if you wish to pursue this option; we can be reached at 1-800-877-7290.

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