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If you know you have powder post beetles and are about to stain the home and wish to treat with Bora-care, is it OK to do it in the fall?  The home will be power washed and is in poor condition with the stain being quite worn (probably a 7-10 year old stain job. I have seen some articles saying as long as the stain is more than 2 years old, that the Bora-care will soak into it just fine. What are your thoughts?

If you read through our POWDERPOST BEETLE CONTROL ARTICLE, you’ll learn it’s best to apply BORACARE to unfinished wood if you wish to get the deepest penetration. This doesn’t mean you can’t treat wood which has been painted or stained but in many cases removing the old finish will be required. Compared to paint, stain doesn’t last nearly as long. In fact, most stains need to be applied on a regular basis. Generally speaking, they may last 2-3 years but once you get past 4-5 years, most are not doing much wood protection and in general will be so faded they won’t even look that good. I’m sure that’s the case with the stain on your home since you estimate it to be some 7+ years old.

This being said, it’s still advised that you first pressure wash the house. This will remove any film, debris, loose members and protective layers that may still be in working order. After it’s pressure washed, you’ll be able to better assess any bad wood that may need to be repaired or replaced. Additionally you’ll be getting the wood cleaned before the Boracare is applied which will effectively insure a clean passageway for the Boracare. This is crucial for allowing the best possible penetration factor. Additionally, as long as you’ve got local temperatures of 50 degrees or more, it would be okay to do the work this fall. Personally I prefer 65-80 degree weather as it’s in my “comfort” range but there as long as it’s over 50 during the day you should be fine. And of course you need to apply the Boracare when you’re sure you’ll have at least two days of no rain so you don’t suffer product loss. But as long as it’s not freezing where you reside there is no reason why you cannot get the job done now.

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July 14, 2015

Yancey L @ 4:34 am #

Can you add Boracare to the stain that you are going to apply?

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