powderpost beetle and spider infestation


I’ve got an unfinished house–more like a barn right now–with lots of openings–unfinished eaves, window openings, etc.  I’ve always had LOTS of Brown Recluse spiders on the inside, and now I have a Powderpost Beetle infestation on some of the pine wall studs.

If I use the products you mention in the beetle control article–spraying the affected and adjacent lumber, can I also use some of the products for spider control?  Which spider control products would be best for the interior of this building which is open so much to the outside?

Treatment for powderpost beetles is best attained by getting down deep in the wood. This can be done by using products like the BORACARE featured in our POWDERPOST BEETLE CONTROL article.

For most spiders, including the BROWN RECLUSE SPIDER, topical treatments are needed. Spraying the inside areas with something like the DELTAMETHRIN or the LAMDA-CYHALOTHRIN would be fine. In other words, there is nothing to be concerned about if you want to spray inside where you’ve already done some treatment for the beetles. The two chemicals can be used simultaneously with no issue.

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