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I have a large wooden beverage bar (@7ft tall, 3’3″ wide and 2 foot wide with shelves and an open front with iron-laced doors) that has evidence of the noted beetles (I have powder residue appearing at the glue seams of the piece in a few locations).  One pest control company suggested over the phone (without seeing it) that it would have to be removed to a furniture fumigator.  Is there any other treatment that someone can apply in place instead?  Thanks.

In our FURNITURE BEETLE TREATMENT ARTICLE, you’ll see there are a few options listed besides fumigation. The most effective, long lasting and thorough would be the use of BORACARE. Of course the key here is having the surface of the wood bare and “treatable”. As our article explains, wood that has a protective finish in place won’t accept the Boracare. That means if the bar is varnished, stained or has some other sealant applied to the outer surface, you won’t be to treat with Boracare until the finish is removed. And as you can well imagine, this is many times not an option which is why fumigating may be considered. As the pest control service company you spoke with indicated, your bar would have to be carried away and stored in a “container” where the treatment would be administered. No doubt this would work but unfortunately it can be quite costly. At this point I suggest reading our article, learning more about this pest and then deciding if you want to do some work yourself to overcome paying a service to do the treatment.

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Powder Post Beetle Treatments for Furniture:


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