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Our house was built in 2006.  Every year since then, around this time of year, we’ve noticed the bore holes and powder in our hardwood floors.  It seems to be localized to the kitchen only. Last year and 1 time so far this year, we were able to catch the beetle.  It looks like a […]

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I recently notice small holes and some deterioration of a piece of wood in between rooms of our house.  Our house was built in late 1900’s.  I had to companies come in to advise me and give a quote.  The first one said they can treat the beetle from the basement and will spray the […]

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Hello. We were under contract to sell our home and discovered that we have active powder post beetles in our wood floors (we put them in ourselves 3 years ago). Terminix recommended stripping the floors bare and treating with BoraCare but could only provide a one year guarantee to retreat (but the floors would have […]

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I have a 70 yr old home with original wood floors.  I live in central FL.  Recently I have noticed long marks that look like deep scratches.  Some of them are quite deep and about 1/8 – 1/4 inch wide and 3 or 4 inches long. In certain areas the damage is getting worse pretty […]

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