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Where PPB’ s have emerged from finished hardwood flooring although it is presumed they will not lay their eggs on the finished wood, is it reasonable to suspect that the Beetles may seek to re-enter the floor at a flight or exit hole to lay their eggs? How many eggs will a Beetle lay at […]

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Hi! my name is juan, and i have powderpost holes on my mesquite wood floor. some on the wood and some on the sap wood. how do i take care of this problem? It will require one of the two treatments listed in our article on how to treat hardwood flooring. Most people will strip […]

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I recently notice small holes and some deterioration of a piece of wood in between rooms of our house.  Our house was built in late 1900’s.  I had to companies come in to advise me and give a quote.  The first one said they can treat the beetle from the basement and will spray the […]

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What to use to fill the small beetles holes after the external house wall is treated. Please tell me the product name and from where to buy. As explained in our POWDERPOST BEETLE ARTICLE, exit holes represent locations where emerging adults have exited or left wood. Commonly these are the first “signs” people notice that […]

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