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I have lots of otherwise beautiful maple for making furniture but the powder post beetles are obvious. Should I just scrap it and use it as firewood or is there any possibility of salvaging it? Any suggestions will be much appreciated by this novice woodworker. Many thanks. Marv There is no need to scrap this […]

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Most people fear that termites will infest their home. Yes, its true that termites may find a meal at your house. But they are not the only pests ready to eat the wood used to keep your house together… Powderpost Beetles and other wood eating insects….READ MORE…

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We have one spot in the piece of wood holding up a shelf in our year old china cabinet.  The furniture store wants to come and get it right away, but the piece has been discontinued and we haven’t found anything else we like.  How fast to the beetles spread?  Will they stay in this […]

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Hello, I build Mesquite art and I have a bar top that I installed in a new home. The piece is finished and has oil based polyurethane on it. I have been noticing 2 areas where the beetle is coming out. I am seeing small fine dust and tiny pin hole’s in the sap wood. […]

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