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I have a wood table and cabinet with round headed borers. I took the wood off my lot. A couple of trees were damaged during a storm and they were perfect for this furniture so used them not realizing the borers were still alive or active. Now I'm seeing exit holes and sawdust and I'm afraid my house is getting infested. Do I need to burn these pieces or can I save them somehow? And what about trees that are infested? Is there anyway of treating them too?

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I was cleaning out and putting away my chritmas ornaments, and found some native american drum ornaments, wood with cellulose drum faces, destroyed by some kind of beetle. The casings of the pupas were there, a live beetle, and lots of fine powder. The drum ornaments were from china. They were in my attic crawl space in a cardboard box. I thew them all away and the box, but do i have to worry about the attic being infested? The drum ornaments were unfinished wood, which they seemed to like. The ornaments were sitting in the attic for a few years.

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Early 1900 dressers from Italy, infested. Furniture in states 32 years. 10 in SC. Bugs started 3 years ago. Spring till Fall. They fly, live short life, powder, 1/4" holes. Jecta Gel cannot drill holes. Boracare, Baygon?? We spray every other day with 30 dead. Any ideas which product, etc.? Thank you.

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If you know you have powder post beetles and are about to stain the home and wish to treat with Bora-care, is it OK to do it in the fall?  The home will be power washed and is in poor condition with the stain being quite worn (probably a 7-10 year old stain job. I have seen some articles saying as long as the stain is more than 2 years old, that the Bora-care will soak into it just fine. What are your thoughts?

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