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Dear Madam, dear Sir, We have just moved to the US from the Netherlands. When setting up our antique closet from around 1830 we noticed that it must have a woodworm. It is a very beautiful and expensive cherry wood closet with a shiny finish on the outside. The wood dust however was found on […]

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Can I use a paint brush to coat the unfinished surfaces of am oak desk with CYPERMETHRIN to kill powderpost beetles? You could but it wouldn’t be the best treatment option for several reasons. If you read our POWDER POST BEETLE CONTROL ARTICLE, you’ll note we don’t list Cypermethrin as a recommended product to use. […]

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Hello – I have signs of the powderpost beetles in the interior walls of my home. My pest control company says they can’t treat it because the wood is stained and it won’t absorb the pesticide. The area is a window sill in a house that’s over 50 years old. I did a remodel in […]

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