I have powder post beetles in some nice lumber I want to use.  I do not want to apply any surface control due to finishing problems later.  Can I kill the pests with a heat treatment, such as putting the wood in a kiln and heating to say 160 degrees for 30 min.  If so […]

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I have an armoire that has confirmed powder post beetles. I have had this furniture (bought new)for almost 2yrs and have noticed the “sawdust” piles for about a year. Your site gave me great info on this beetle-what it is, treatment, etc. My local pest control company had told me that i needed to fumigate […]

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BORACARE has long been the best insect and fungi wood preservative available for some time. Its unique formulation ensures deep penetration which is vital for stopping wood eating insects. But Boracare’s strength is also its weakness. By penetrating so well it tended to leave surface areas vulnerable. To remedy this shortcoming, Nisus Corporation has released […]

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