There're in a 30-year old upright piano. I can see the areas they've attacked. It's in a house in Vermont that's unheated during the winter. The exterior is black and varnished, but the interior–keys, soundboard, etc.–is pine and spruce and in its natural state. There's been some fine sawdust on the floor coming from one section they've gotten in to on the underside of the bottom (not painted), and the bottom (which comes out) has more from where they've been at the soundboard. That's also the case when you turn the piano around and look at the back. That's entirely frame and soundboard, unpainted. Also when you lift out the keyboard–which you need to do from time to time for maintenance–you see sawdust from the underside of the keys.

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I just brought home a load of old barn boards and  piled the load next to another load of cedar boards about 75 yards from my house, with the intent of building a shed.  Then I noticed all the tiny exit holes and fresh sawdust.  Should I burn all the barn boards?  Is there any chance the powderpost beetles will infest my cedar boards (which are also older with stain on one side)?  Is there any chance I carried any of the nasty little guys into my home on my clothing?

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we have an evergreen that is dead & has been cut down. is there any way to use the old wood? we thought it it would be nice to make something out of it. but it does still have some live activity. we are seeing bore holes & sawdust.  is it worth saving or not? Thanks.

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I recently installed a maple wood floor in a bedroom of my house. Before sanding and sealing I noticed the evidence of powderpost beetles, small holes and small piles of powdery sawdust. I obtained some Boracare and applied it to the floor per instructions. After completely drying, I sanded and sealed the floor. Within a few days, more holes and sawdust appeared. My question is; did the treatment of Boracare not work, or was it not thorough enough, or am I witnessing the end of the beetle life cycle that will now be stopped because of the Boracare? Do I have to sand and retreat the floor again?
Thank you for your help.

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I have white worms that are about an inch long. They have a brown head and a brown band just behind the head. I am finding them in some beams that are being used in my shed. They seem to be eating teh wood. i see alot of sawdust falling from where they're active.What can kill them?

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