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We had new red oak hardwood floors installed just 3 weeks ago and now we are finding powder post beetle holes in several areas of the wood and in different rooms. We installed close to 2000 sq. ft. – our entire first floor. It is clear to us now that the wood must have been contaminated. Would you agree? Because this is such a large area and we know that this is going to be a costly fix, who should be responsible? I am frightened that it may already be to late to stop damage that may later appear in other places of our home in which we cannot see at this time. Every day I am finding new holes in the floor. Our installer felt no big deal only seeing a few holes but since his visit a few days ago, several new holes have appeared. What should I request be done by the installer to ensure the safety of our home? Will I need an attorney? I am sick over this. HELP!

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