Hi, Just removed 400 sq ft of engineered wood flooring where the PPB’s had devoured the Poplar plywood under the veneer. My questions: Is removing the flooring good enough? What are the chances they are in the house framing etc? The subfloor was “dry deck” wax sprayed T+G plywood. Shows no signs of PPB’S. I […]

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Where PPB’ s have emerged from finished hardwood flooring although it is presumed they will not lay their eggs on the finished wood, is it reasonable to suspect that the Beetles may seek to re-enter the floor at a flight or exit hole to lay their eggs? How many eggs will a Beetle lay at […]

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We bought some antiques from Europe /somewhere that appeared to have Pbeetles in them. Last year I treated the dresser with BORA-CARE both interior and exterior quite heavily. This spring we have had about 30 of the adults found around it on the floor. Is this because they are dying as they come out or […]

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