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We have a valuable wood carving 2’ x 7” x ¾” we got in Italy last summer. First we saw one hole from one side to the the other. Looked like it was bored through. Then we got another hole from one side to the other, not as cleanlooking. It appears from your website to […]

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Dear Jonathan Our house was built in 1915 and the beams in the crawl space have holes of powder post beetles .We are in Ontario. I put my finger on these beams and they seems solid still. If I spray with the boracare do you think these beams could resist another 10 years? But I […]

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Our home is over 30 years old and we have never seen any evidence of Powderpost Beetles. We are considering renewing a Powderpost Beetle service contract (covers inspection and retreatment) that we have had for years but wonder if it makes sense to do so. With the information you provide and the products now available, […]

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