pine beetles


Our neighbors have found that their house has a serious powderpost beetle problem.  Our house is about 75 feet away from theirs with a detached garage in between.  Is there a possibility of the beetles spreading to our house?

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I have a pine tree cut in half and am using it for a vanity top for a sink in one of my bathrooms. It was in someone's yard, cut, sanded, stained and sealed with a polyurethane.  It has been in my house for 6 months and yesterday I noticed what is the sculptured pine beetle on my floor. Not realizing at first where the bugs were coming from and then finding out I panicked and took the vanity outside. It has about 20 little holes.   Now what do I do?  Can I treat that vanity top so I can save it or should I get rid of it and start over?  your help is greatly appreciated.  I have a lot of wood in my home so I don't the bugs to cause any damage to the rest of my house.

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