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In March 2010 noticed “shot holes” on top of Duncan Phyffe mahogany dining table that weren’t there in February.  New windows installed in our 37 yr old home March 1 & 2 on cold AND HUMID days.  Purchased Bora Care mid March but haven’t applied it yet.  More holes discovered on plywood chair bottoms and […]

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Hi I filled “old” holes in some old furniture and noticed this year that there are new holes. Which products could I use to treat my old furniture ? do the product damage the surface of the wood ? What is the most efficient treat the furniture with a product  or use the fumigation ? […]

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Hi, I have small holes in my antique furniture. Will your jecta gel do the job? Will it have any effect on the walnut finish? Do I need to use this outside or also inside the furniture??? There are many species of beetles that might find your old furniture appealing. I’m assuming you mean the […]

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