little holes


I have several pear and apple trees. The barks on these trees have tiny little holes throughout the base. Trees seem to be dying. I think the culprit is a Flat Head Boring Beetle. How can I get rid of these creatures and save my trees? Flat head borers are amongst the more common wood […]

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If you find an infestation or the little holes how can you tell if its old or new? I have a cedar log home and do I need to strip all the varnish to apply the “cure” suggested to penetrate the wood and then re-varnish? Does it discolor the wood ? Thanks. First, BORACARE goes […]

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hi, i bought a beautiful carved wooden animal from Oaxaca mexico that is painted with wonderful designs and I now see that every day there is white powder coming out of it. i now see that there are teeny little holes so it looks like there is some kind of bug in there.  i tried […]

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