I have a decorative grapewood display on my wall and today I found a larva of some sort beneath it, evidently had fallen out. I looked at the branch directly above it and there were 3 holes.  The larva was about 3/4 inch long, off-whitish with a wide head, very puffy.  I found what I […]

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Hi, In your article you say the holes are the bugs leaving, where do they go?  I had a 5″ antique wood with painted enamel pocket watch holder in my china cabinet for a couple of years. Yesterday I happened to look at it & noticed many tiny holes & when I shook it dust […]

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I recently installed a maple wood floor in a bedroom of my house. Before sanding and sealing I noticed the evidence of powderpost beetles, small holes and small piles of powdery sawdust. I obtained some Boracare and applied it to the floor per instructions. After completely drying, I sanded and sealed the floor. Within a […]

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