I have several pear and apple trees. The barks on these trees have tiny little holes throughout the base. Trees seem to be dying. I think the culprit is a Flat Head Boring Beetle. How can I get rid of these creatures and save my trees? Flat head borers are amongst the more common wood […]

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Can I use a paint brush to coat the unfinished surfaces of am oak desk with CYPERMETHRIN to kill powderpost beetles? You could but it wouldn’t be the best treatment option for several reasons. If you read our POWDER POST BEETLE CONTROL ARTICLE, you’ll note we don’t list Cypermethrin as a recommended product to use. […]

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I am in desperate need of some advice, please! This is a Willow tree located near Brenham Texas about 90 miles NW of Houston Texas.  I have confirmed the other huge branch of this Willow tree has “flathead borers” and ½ the trunk broke off already…… I have discovered these little boogers!  Just beneath the […]

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