I’d like to know a bit more please. Would sub-freezing temperature kill the larvae? I have some in a new picture frame which is now in my garage, and we’ve had sub zero (celsius) for a few nights now. I removed the painting and kept it indoors. Also may some have left the frame to […]

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We have one spot in the piece of wood holding up a shelf in our year old china cabinet.  The furniture store wants to come and get it right away, but the piece has been discontinued and we haven’t found anything else we like.  How fast to the beetles spread?  Will they stay in this […]

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Hello, Recently I ordered a cabinet that is made in Mexico.  It came from an American furniture store.  When the cabinet arrived it was wrapped in corrugated cardboard. I took that off and it looked like it was covered with fresh sawdust and it was damaged in shipping.  I sent it back for repairs and […]

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