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I’d like to know a bit more please. Would sub-freezing temperature kill the larvae? I have some in a new picture frame which is now in my garage, and we’ve had sub zero (celsius) for a few nights now. I removed the painting and kept it indoors. Also may some have left the frame to […]

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We have a log cottage built in 1931 of black swamp cedar. An addition was added in 1969 but the outside of the logs have been painted for years. We are now finding powder post beetles in the newer logs. We had them treated 3 years ago with boron or borax by a pest control. […]

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A carpet beetle perhaps? Thanks. Based on where it was located and it’s overall appearance and movement, I would say it’s a VARIED CARPET BEETLE. Finding any could be reason to do a treatment since it most likely emerged from an egg which was laid in the carpet. And if there was one egg in […]

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Can I use a paint brush to coat the unfinished surfaces of am oak desk with CYPERMETHRIN to kill powderpost beetles? You could but it wouldn’t be the best treatment option for several reasons. If you read our POWDER POST BEETLE CONTROL ARTICLE, you’ll note we don’t list Cypermethrin as a recommended product to use. […]

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