adult beetles


Hi, we recently purchased a flower vase from india and got it to our home . I had not realized it but after two days i noticed a lot of powder falling off from the vase. I sensed something was wrong and when I turned it upside down, some brown tiny beetle like insects fell […]

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I have been given some rough cut lumber from 2 to 3 thich. This lumber had been piled in an old barn for about 20 years. There is lots of evidence of what I think are powder post beetles. My intent is to lathe turn various articles fron it. Request treatment recommendations. The wood could […]

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We bought some antiques from Europe /somewhere that appeared to have Pbeetles in them. Last year I treated the dresser with BORA-CARE both interior and exterior quite heavily. This spring we have had about 30 of the adults found around it on the floor. Is this because they are dying as they come out or […]

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Hi, I recently installed a new oak hardwood floor. It was raw wood which I stained (oil base) and finished with polyurethane. Shortly after, signs of powder post beetles were evident. Though it took me a week to figure out what the heck the little piles of sawdust were all about, I am now adamant […]

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