boracare moldcare mold control

BORACARE has long been the best insect and fungi wood preservative available for some time. Its unique formulation ensures deep penetration which is vital for stopping wood eating insects. But Boracare’s strength is also its weakness. By penetrating so well it tended to leave surface areas vulnerable. To remedy this shortcoming, Nisus Corporation has released BORACARE MOLDCARE. Moldcare essentially does for the outside surface of wood what Boracare does for the inside. This means you can now keep wood surfaces looking aesthetically pleasing much longer than before. If you’re about to do or are considering a treatment with Boracare, take a careful look at Boracare/Moldcare. If the wood you’re looking to protect is subject to high levels of moisture, the Moldcare additive is a “must have”.

Here are links to the Boracare with Moldcare Specimen Label and MSDS Sheet.



The following product spotlight video features Boracare with Moldcare.

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