lyctidae beetles in ashwood floors


Brand new home, started building in May 2010.  We were sold infested ash hardwood floors.  We had unopened boxes of flooring in the basement with frass etc etc.  The frass and adults appearing has been going on now for at least 4 months…probably ealier because I didn’t know it was a problem and was just sucking the dust info the vaccum.  We ripped up the flooring last night and we are putting down oak.  I didn’t really want oak as I know PPD like it too, but that was the only thing the company agreed to give us.  I don’t know how to tell if our subfloor has any damage.  Some of the planks of flooring we pulled up were “holely” on the underside as well.  I saw a few places that were “rough” on the subfloor and I didn’t really see any small holes…but there are nail holes already in the floor.  So I just don’t know………should I be concerned that the subfloor is infested now?

Any new home that shows signs of this pest should at least provoke some concern by the homeowner. Based on your message, I would say more than just “concern” is warranted. In fact, I would say a clear course of action is required and here’s what I recommend.

First, remove the Ashwood flooring. Next, treat the subflooring with BORACARE. After allowing it to dry (1-2 days) lay the oak flooring and then treat it with Boracare. After this cures you can proceed with whatever type of stain or finish you prefer and you’ll be beetle free. This is the only way to know for sure you’ve got protection in place no matter if they are in the subflooring or the new wood being installed.


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