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Greetings:  I was wondering if you folks could assist me regarding some “bugs” that have infested some furniture of ours.

We recently purchased a set of very rustic Hickory wood furniture that has evidence of some sort of infestation.  We haven’t seen any bugs, but there is evidence of them as there are fine sawdust particles that are trailing down the legs of the stools.  I have seen termite feces before and this is a much finer, smaller particle wood dust.  I should add that the dust seems to originate somewhere in the bark (as the bark was left on the legs of the table and the four stools).  As a result, a neighbor of ours thought that it might be a bark beetle, which makes sense.  We thought that we’d check with you to get your input and recommendations for eradication.

No doubt you have some type of powderpost beetle active in this furniture. Hickory is a common hardwood that can sustain this pest and the fine sawdust particles you describe are a clear indicator of what’s currently active and eating away at the furniture. I suggest you review our online POWDERPOST BEETLE CONTROL article for details about this pest if you’d like to learn more about this destructive wood boring insect.

There is also a HOW TO TREAT FURNITURE section which lists how you can control this problem yourself which in the long run, is probably the best option given where the beetles are active. Most people hope they can just fumigate the pieces which in fact can be done. But it’s both costly and does not provide any type of residual so the wood is prone to reinfestation. Conversesly, doing a little extra work using the products we have listed in our article will provide a long term remedy to this destructive pest.

If you have further questions or concerns, give us a call on our toll free 1-800-877-7290. Powderpost beetles are a destructive pest and like termites, literally eat the wood so you don’t want them lingering for any length of time.

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