powderpost beetles in door frame

I have these beetles in southern yellow pine timbers that frame a door opening inside my house. I finished these timbers with a clear acrylic finish which I have no problem sanding off to remove. If I do that, can I use Borocare to treat these timbers for the beetles? If you think this will work, any advise on sanding or treatment. Thanks.

This will definitely work. No doubt powderpost beetles love southern pine. And they seem to like it “thinly sliced” in the form of molding or framework lumber.

To prepare the wood for the BORACARE, you’ll need to remove all the finish you applied. Rough sand it until you think enough has been removed and then test the absorbency of the wood by dripping some water on it. If the water readily absorbs into the wood, you can proceed with the treatment. Typically Boracare mixed with water will penetrate better than water alone so once the wood accepts water like a sponge, it will accept the Boracare mixed with water fine.

Boracare: http://www.bugspraycart.com/insecticide/liquid/boracare-gal

Powderpost Beetle Article: http://www.powderpostbeetles.com/powderpost-beetle-control

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