powderpost beetles in cedar fence

I had a new cedar fence put up on my newly built house about 5 months ago. A few weeks ago I have noticed hundreds of small holes in about 10-15 of the cedar panels. One of the panels is one that is right next to my house. Should I worry about my entire house being infested now? Should I replace the entire privacy fence? Or should I just tear down the damaged panels and spray the rest of the fence with boracare? Please help. Thank you.

First, the emerging beetles are likely to be moving in all directions. And though some may end  up on your home, unless they find suitable wood on which to lay eggs the risk of them spreading onto or into the home would be small. Now if your home is a cedar log cabin? Well then obviously that chance would be significantly higher. But if the home is a standard brick, masonite siding or any other traditional exterior other than cedar, the odds would be low for the problem to move onto the home.

Second, keeping the fence or replacing it is your choice. But if you treat with BORACARE, the decision will be more about cosmetic concerns because Boracare will kill off the active beetles whether you see them or not. So if you’re okay with some holes in a few panels and don’t really care about them cosmetically, I suggest you keep the fence and treat it all with the Boracare to knock them out.

But if you don’t like the holes and would like the affected sections replaced, be sure to treat what you leave along with the newly installed pieces. This is the only way to insure the problem does not continue or return. Cedar is highly desired by a range of wood destroying organisms and if you would like to use it on or around your home, you need to protect it.

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