beetles in ash wood stairs


I have powderpost beetles in a newly installed ash wood stairs. The installer has agreed to strip the wood so it can be treated but my exterminator does not guaranty treatment because only the top can be treated and he doesn’t beleive that the chemicals would penetrate more than a 1/4 ” of the one inch thick wood. The installer has offered to also drill holes every 6 inch to help the chemical penetration. I contacted another exterminator and the suggested heat treatment which is guaranteed for one year.
I have read your articles and find them very helpful and value and appreciate your opinion on best solution.

I have read your statement and I’m not sure I found a question. But if you’re asking what you should do regarding the activity you’ve found, I would say to either get a professional to treat with BORACARE or do the work yourself. Boracare can penetrate several inches of wood and most stair cases are in the 1-2″ thickness range. If that’s true with your stairs, you’ll get good coverage for sure. The only tricky part is figuring out the square footage involved. Take care when calculating this number and as long as you apply enough diluted material, you should be able to solve the problem.

Here is a direct link to Boracare and our Powder Post Beetle control article:


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