deathwatch beetles in my wall

I have been told that deathwatch beetles are in my wall. At least they’re in some molding and I’m afraid they’ve spread to other parts of the home. I first started hearing a knocking sound along one wall and the plumber said it had nothing to do with my pipes. Sometimes it would stop for a week or two but then come back. Then I found holes and sawdust coming from some molding. We think it’s made from cherry wood. I have it in other parts of the home too which is why I’m worried but I’ve only heard the sounds in this one room.

So I need to treat but I don’t know where to start? Do I treat everything? And what about my furniture? We have alot of cherry and oak pieces and I don’t them in any of my furniture.

Deathwatch beetles mostly target hardwoods like cherry and oak. If the molding is a hardwood species, it would explain how they’ve gotten inside some sections. As for the wall space; if you have normal pine studs commonly used in construction, its not likely deathwatch beetles will be in there since they need hardwoods for food.

As for treating;  you’ll first have to make sure any wood you want to save is accessible. That means it cannot have a finished coat of something on it like varnish. This is all covered in our BEETLE ARTICLE. So if you wish to save moldings that show deathwatch beetle activity, you’ll probably have to remove the molding from the wall, strip it down, treat it with BORACARE and then reinstall it after it’s cured. Since cherry wood is expensive, it will probably make sense to save it and recycle the treated the pieces.

As for the wall void; I doubt you’ll have to treat it. The chances are high only the molding is infested and after getting those pieces treated, simply wait and see if anything new happens. I’m willing to bet it won’t be cause I bet the problem will be confined to just the molding.

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