metallic wood boring beetle control

We once again have found metallic wood boring beetles on a strip of wood under our window in our bedroom. We noticed them a few years ago off on and did not know it would be an ongoing issue. I did a little research and discovered the larvae can live 2-5 years in the wood. Anyway, I am looking at using BoraCare to get rid of this problem. Do you think it will be safe to put this on our wood in our bedroom?

BORACARE would definitely be safe for this purpose. In fact, Boracare uses a boron based active which is known for its safety benefit therefore making it ideal for such applications. Commonly found in eye rinse and medications, the active is odorless and poses no hazard to people or pets even if we accidentally ingested some.

Metallic wood boring beetle

Buprestidae is a family of beetles known as metallic wood-boring beetles because of their glossy iridescent colors.

Additionally, a proper treatment with Boracare will actually penetrate the wood through and through. This means there will be no material out in the open and therefore, no chance of exposure after its been applied and allowed to cure into the wood.

Now based on the history of this problem, I would recommend you treat as many board feet as possible. In other words, it would be wise to treat more than just the sections where you know of activity. Remember, these guys can take years for young to develop. During this time they’ll be chewing away inside infested wood. Unfortunately they don’t show themselves until after the damage has occurred. For this reason, it would be wise to eliminate this potential problem by treating as many similar pieces of wood that you can find around the home. Basically by treating more wood, you eliminate the chance of any lingering problem from developing further since emerging adults will many times migrate as they look for similar wood on which to lay eggs. And one batch of missed eggs can lead to a whole new problem area. But if you treat all similar wood with Boracare, you’ll eliminate the chance of this happening.

Boracare mixes with water and easy to apply. The only “trick” to using it is to first get it into solution. Boracare is very similar to corn syrup in that its very thick and clear. You need to mix one gallon of Boracare with 1 gallon of “warm” water. Do this in a 5 gallon pail to allow plenty of room for the final solution.

First, add the warm water and then second, add the Boracare. Use a paint mixing stick or better yet, the type that connects to a hand drill. Using the drill mixer, you’ll get the Boracare into solution within 15 seconds. Mixing it by hand will take 30-60 seconds but it will mix fine. Once in solution, the final solution will be like cloudy water as if you added a little milk to water but it will be odorless and easy to apply.

To apply the mixture, use any standard pump sprayer. A mixed gallon of solution can treat up to 1000 sq/ft but it will depend largely on how thick the wood is your treating. For most any hardwood floor, expect to get 800 sq/ft per mixed gallon.




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