beetle holes in dresser


Thank-you so much for all your information it has helped so much.
We had a guy come from Orkin today to check for us.  We had notice holes in our dresser.  And my husband went under the house and he also saw some holes.
The guy said it would cost 4,000 they put a tent up and heat up the hole house.
The problem is we just had the house painted 1 month ago.  And the man said it would ruin the paint job need to wait 5 months.
I talked to a guy from Hawaiian and he told me they shot the holes up with WD-40 and it kills the Borer Beetle and eggs.
We are open to anything that would help and that we can buy and do ourselves.
Thank-you, H.

If you read through our POWDERPOST BEETLE CONTROL ARTICLE, you’ll learn there are two or three products that can be used to treat your dresser and home. All of these can be applied by a service company or by you, the homeowner, if you’re so inclined to the do the work yourself and save some money.

For the dresser, you could opt to treat with the JECTA GEL mentioned in our article. However, based on the holes you mentioned up under the house, it sounds like you could use some BORACARE. If this is true and you decide to treat the floor joists under the home, you might as well treat the dresser with the Boracare too. Boracare is by far the best option and would provide long lasting control that won’t affect the piece at all. As for WD-40; that won’t do anything to holes you already see. As our article explains, they are only exit holes and there are no eggs in it anyway so that’s a complete waste.

Here are direct links to the products and information mentioned above:


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