powderpost beetles in ash wood trim and door frame

I have powderpost beetles in some of my ash wood trim and door frames. Several trim pieces are severely damaged and I intend to replace them. Can I remove and treat the back side of the trim with minimal exit holes and the nearby undamaged trim? The home is 5 years old, but I had been seeing the powder on the floor around the infected wood since the home was a year or so old. Since the door frames are harder to remove, can I drill several holes and use the gel formula on the frames? Thanks.

You most certainly can use JECTA GEL in the way you’re asking about. You could either remove the trim, drill holes on the back side and inject the jel there or you could do so from the front. For obvious reasons, doing so from the back side will make it cosmetically easier to fix.

I also suggest angling the drill holes down at least 15 degrees. This way when you inject the gel, it will seep down and stay in the hole a lot better compared to holes that go in straight.

Jecta Gel:  http://www.bugspraycart.com/insecticide/gel/jecta-gel-10-oz


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