Powderpost Beetles in RV


I believe that I have powderpost beetles in a 2006 RV that I just purchased. They seem to be concentrated only in the bathroom of the RV. The walls have wallpaper on them. Can I apply the Boracare to the wallpaper? Will it penetrate through wallpaper?

Boracare needs to be applied to the wood directly to have the desired effect. This means the wall paper will have to be removed first if you want to treat with using Boracare. This would be an ideal treatment and will stand the most chance of getting rid of the problem immediately, with just one application being done. That being said, it will also be the most effective approach so it would be worth the time, effort and cost if you are set to get rid of the problem once and for all. Alternatively you could opt to apply the Dforce Aerosol we have featured through small entry “holes” you would need to drill through the wall and wall paper. This means for the time being you could do a treatment without having to remove the wall paper which would be easier and less time consuming and costly. Generally I don’t like to suggest such an approach but in this case it might work. The reason I say this is because the wood behind the wall is undoubtedly thin. This means the Dforce stands a good chance of penetrating to some degree which in theory could allow it to have a good impact and maybe even control the problem without the Boracare having to be applied. I’m saying this only because in my experience I have seen thin wood used in such areas of different RV’s. That being said, if you know the wood behind the wall is thick or have any other reason to believe it might be thick, opening up the wall and treating with the Boracare directly would still be ideal.

One last option worth mentioning would be the Jecta Gel. I know this material would do the job too but I’m afraid too many holes would be required to get enough into the target wood so I don’t think this is a feasible option but worth a mention just the same. The Dforce could be used with less holes and with each one needed a lot smaller. The Jecta Gel would require much larger diameter holes and more of them as well so I would rule this option out first.

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