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I attend, and am organist for a small Lutheran church in Sebring, Florida. We’ve just been informed that one of the wood laminate beams in the church has powder post beetles. We’ve received an estimate for treatment from Terminix. They said that this will require tenting of the entire church for 4 days with fumigation. There were also termites discovered in a separate community hall. The treatment, per their estimate, will cost $19,000. This really isn’t an option, since this is very small and not very prosporous congregation. Is there anything you could suggest regarding treating this ourselves, and would the Terminix solution (tenting etc.) be realistic??

If you read through our POWDER POST BEETLE CONTROL ARTICLE, you’ll learn that in fact one of the more common ways to treat for wood destroying pests like powder post beetles is to “tent” and fumigate the infested structure. So to answer your question about whether or not this option is “realistic”; the answer is yes. Tenting and fumigation is a very effective way to kill what’s active and in theory, eradicate the problem. From the service companies view, it’s smart for two main reasons. 1) It’s a lot of work for their employees with a large price tag and 2), it’s the best way for them to eliminate the risk of the beetles appearing elsewhere in the structure. Remember, if they don’t do a good treatment and the beetles are found somewhere else in the structure, chances are high their customer will be upset. Tenting and fumigation tends to minimize such complaint calls and from a liability perspective, a smart way to handle such treatments. But due to the extreme cost of the process, it’s not always the most practical for the customer. It sounds like this is the case regarding your church.

Fortunately there are options. One of the best is the BORACARE we recommend throughout our article. Boracare both penetrates wood real well and lasts for many years making it ideally suited for wood destroying pests. A good treatment would no doubt kill off the active larvae in the wood you treat as well as protect it for many years from reinfestation. But remember the one drawback of using Boracare is that only the wood you treat will be protected. In most cases we suggest treating as much of the structure as possible and in this case I would recommend the same. The treatment itself isn’t that costly; it’s really the labor involved that can take both time and patience. But when it comes to saving cash, this would be one of the best ways your church could save a huge expense and help to protect their structure for many, many years to come.

Give us a call if you need to discuss how much product you might need to use or if you have any other question. Our toll free is 1-800-877-7290.

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