powder post beetles in armoire

I have an armoire that has confirmed powder post beetles. I have had this furniture (bought new)for almost 2yrs and have noticed the “sawdust” piles for about a year. Your site gave me great info on this beetle-what it is, treatment, etc. My local pest control company had told me that i needed to fumigate for 3days (at their location) and had to be done in 70 degree weather or above, truck rental expense,costing lots of money. Seems i can handle this w/Boracare myself.
My question is : My piece of furniture is stained-inside and out-not varnished or polyurethaned. Can i apply Boracare to the outside and the “finish” not be noticeably ruined?
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Sorry to hear about the armoire problem; hopefully it’s not too bad and with a little attention you’ll be able to take care of the infestation yourself. The key is being able to get good penetration when treating and as our POWDERPOST BEETLE CONTROL article explains, wood can do this naturally when it’s still “raw” and unfinished.

But apparently the wood in question here has some type of finish as your message states. So, with that in mind, I can say there is still a chance it can be successfully treated with the Boracare if the stain is not oil based and will allow water to penetrate. This will many times happen if the finish is old and worn. Typically we see stain finishes on the outside of buildings break down so Boracare can be applied over the top successfully. I’m not sure that will be the case here since the Armoire has not been kept outside nor is it old. Still you can test it first to see.

To test the “strength” of the finish, put some water on the surface of the wood in areas where you think it may be able to soak in. This is usually where the wood is rough and many times on the back side of the furniture. If you find areas like this give them a test to see. Look to see if the water is readily accepted by the wood or if it appears to “bead up” or “roll off”. If you find some of th water does soak in, the next question would be if you have enough of these “vulnerable” locations on the wood to get a treatment with Boracare to be effective. Remember, BORACARE has special penetrating solvents and ingredients so it will actually penetrate much better than water itself. If you cannot find any weak, worn or finished areas where water will readily absorb, I’m afraid the only way you’ll be able to ensure a good treatment will be to sand and strip the surface of the armoire. If done in enough areas, you should be able to get the Boracare to penetrate and solve the problem. And remember this wouldn’t have to be done on the front, exposed side. There could be strategic locations on the back or bottom where it’s kind of “out of sight”. This way the unfinishing will be hard to see or even notice.

Lastly, if you aren’t willing to unfinish the piece enough for a thorough Boracare treatment, you could opt to use the JECTA GEL or even a combination of both products. As explained in our FURNITURE TREATMENT FOR BEETLES section, it’s very much a viable option that can be used successfully. In this case you will have to drill out access holes which will have to be done in out of sight locations but this can really help. And a combination of both products may be whats needed to get good coverage without major changes to the current finish. If you have further questions, give the office a call at 1.800.877.7290 and we may be able to suggest some more options after we get to ask a few questions.

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