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I make furniture out of burls sliced and branch legs. The ironwood I used for legs has beetles. Can one use one of your products mixed with water and let the ends of the legs set in it and soak up the length of the leg? Which product?
I also have maple boards, spalted and still solid which have beetles. Before I burn them, can I take them to a kiln and would the drying process kill them? Thanks.

If you read through our POWDERPOST BEETLE CONTROL ARTICLE, the section on FURNITURE TREATMENTS lists two products you can use. The best is the BORACARE and ideally it needs to be applied over the entire lengths of any wood you wish to protect. If you’re not able to treat all the surfaces as explained in our article, the JECTA GEL can be injected through small port holes you drill which will enable it to penetrate just like the Boracare. If done properly, both treatments are viable solutions for the problem in your branch legs.

As for kiln drying your maple boards; no doubt this will help kill off a bunch if not all active beetles. But as our article explains, this is far from a perfect option and what would be even better is if you followed up the kiln drying by applying some Boracare. You get the best results when Boracare is applied to dry wood and this 1-2 punch would knock out any activity for sure.

Here are direct links to the information and products listed above:

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