custom made cabinets with beetles


We bought custom made cabinets and these beetles came out if after owning them for over a year.  My home is full of wood furniture, floors and of course exposed beams.  We had the bugs identified through an insect diagnositic lab.  So I contacted an exterminator and they did not want to do the job.  How can a home owner take care of this problem?  You list several products, but I don’t know which would be best.

If you read through our POWDERPOST BEETLE CONTROL ARTICLE, you’ll see we do in fact list several options for controlling this destructive pest. But in the furniture section of this article, you’ll note there is really only two that should be used and one is for small pieces. Once you get to something large like custom cabinets, you really are limited to just the BORACARE. It will both penetrate through and through any wood used for cabinets and since it’s odorless and long lasting, it’s the best option and the one we recommend. At this point I suggest you either get the cabinets treated with this product or hire a service company that is willing to do the work for you.

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Powderpost Beetle Control Article:


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