cabinet from walmart with woodworms

Friends bought a cabinet from Walmart (from China) and one of the support pieces has evidence of woodworm. In six months, it has gotten worse with over 20 exit holes and telltale “talcum” powder-like dust piles. What should they do?

If you review our POWDERPOST BEETLE CONTROL ARTICLE, you’ll learn about a product called BORACARE. If possible, this is what you want to use. Boracare will penetrate unfinished wood through and through. Once inside the wood, any kind of insect that attempts to eat the wood will die. To treat this problem, this is what we suggest but in order for this option to work, the wood must be unfinished and able to accept the treatment.

Since you didn’t mention if there are large areas of the cabinet which are unfinished (usually the back, bottom and/or inside surfaces will be enough of an area), it’s not clear to me if Boracare will be usable. If not, you can go with the JECTA GEL. Designed for smaller jobs and where the use of Boracare isn’t possible, Jecta Gel can be injected to small “access” holes you’ll make including the exit the holes the woodworms are making. If enough holes are injected with the gel, it too will spread throughout the piece with the net effect being a treatment that will stop everything attempting to eat it.

One other product worth mentioning is DFORCE AEROSOL. This comes with a small “straw” like injector which can be used to inject small blasts of product. No doubt this treatment will kill anything it contacts. But it won’t penetrate the wood like the Jecta Gel or Boracare nor will it last long. Dforce is usually only good for a few weeks so if you’re not able to get uniform coverage, the problem will persist. Compared to the other two options, Dforce would be what we call “remedial” and many times only effective when very small areas or pieces are wood are being targeted. Once you get into wood 1/2″ thick or more, the other two materials will usually be required to knock out the problem once and for all.

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