flat head borers in pear and apple trees

I have several pear and apple trees. The barks on these trees have tiny little holes throughout the base. Trees seem to be dying. I think the culprit is a Flat Head Boring Beetle. How can I get rid of these creatures and save my trees?

Flat head borers are amongst the more common wood boring beetles found throughout North America. They’ll commonly infest most any hard wood but some species prefer to target and focus in on the same species if readily available in one region. From what you’re seeing, it sounds like there is some kind of borer involved here which can be treated but since it’s infested both pear and apple trees, I’d make sure they’re not more distributed throughout the landscape.

The simplest option is to treat the trunk of any pear or apple tree you want to protect with some CYPERMETHRIN. It’s got a general label that allows for trees to be treated for boring beetles and will work on anything that attempts to live on treated surfaces. Use a standard PUMP SPRAYER or HOSE END SPRAYER to apply the Cypermethrin and if you infected trees every month for 3-6 months, the problem should subside.

If the infestation is severe enough, get some CYKICK AEROSOL too. It comes with an injecting straw that enables you to direct treatments into the little galleries and tunnels which otherwise might not absorb the Cypermethrin enough. Cykick will kill on contact but not last as long as the Cypermethrin. But for severe infestations, treating with both is suggested.

Lastly, be sure to spray other non infected trees every 36 months – especially in the spring – to prevent the spread of this pest. Trees can take some damage and not show signs anything is happening which means a lot of flat head borers can infest one before you know anything is happening. Simply treating your pear and apple trees periodically during the year can help prevent any major damage and keep flat hear borers under control.

Here are direct links to the information and products listed above:

Cypermethrin:  http://www.bugspraycart.com/insecticide/liquid/viper-cypermethrin

Pump Sprayer:  http://www.bugspraycart.com/equipment/sprayers/eliminator-gallon-sprayer

Hose End Sprayer:  http://www.bugspraycart.com/equipment/sprayers/gilmour-20g-390

Cykick:  http://www.bugspraycart.com/insecticide/aerosol/pt-cykick-17-5-oz

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December 9, 2011

Mark Decker @ 2:28 pm #

Thank you for answering my question. Is there some kind of Organic alternative to Cypermethrin or Cykick Aerosol?