beetles in christmas ornaments from china

I was cleaning out and putting away my chritmas ornaments, and found some native american drum ornaments, wood with cellulose drum faces, destroyed by some kind of beetle. The casings of the pupas were there, a live beetle, and lots of fine powder. The drum ornaments were from china. They were in my attic crawl space in a cardboard box. I thew them all away and the box, but do i have to worry about the attic being infested? The drum ornaments were unfinished wood, which they seemed to like. The ornaments were sitting in the attic for a few years.

It’s tough to say for sure if there is need for concern or not. This is especially true since you’ve thrown away all the “evidence”. If you watch any of the CSI Crime shows on TV, you’ll know what I’m talking about.

Insects make great witnesses and they don’t lie. If you had preserved a specimen, it could have been identified. Once identified, we’d know it’s habits, what it likes to eat, etc. And with this information we’d be able to make a much more educated prognosis. But now they’re gone and without them, no hope of projecting with certainty what might happen.

That being said, it is entirely possible some of the larvae foraged out of the box and into some part of the home. Mind you I’m not trying to make you scared; I’m merely trying to point out this very well could have happened.

And if you would feel more at ease by having someone look the area over, I’m sure you can find a pest control service to come and inspect the space where the ornaments were stored. If larvae crawled into any area close by and started to infest some native wood, there should be signs of activity.

Other than having someone come look to see if there is activity, I don’t believe any kind of treatment is warranted for the time being. But the next time you find something that could very well pose a hazard to the structure, I suggest you refrain from discarding it immediately but instead keep it for further inspection purposes.


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