beetle infestation in soft wood

I have an antique table which has or has had a beetle infestation in the soft wood. The underside of the table has been stained, but not finish coat was applied. Can I apply the Boracare solution to this stained underside and expect sufficient penetration to kill any larvae?

Ideally BORACARE should be applied to unfinished wood. To test the wood you believe is stained to see if Boracare will readily penetrate, simply place some water on it and see if the water beads off the wood or absorbs. If the wood absorbs the water, it will readily accept the Boracare mixed with water.

I am replacing a piece of the softwood. At what stage should I apply the Boarcare. For safety I would prefer to apply it after the piece is milled and cut to fit.

It’s always best to treat the wood after it’s been milled, cut and fit to size. This insures thorough coverage.

If Boracare is applied to rough cut lumber, what is the hazard of then milling and working with the wood in terms of handling, breathing in dust etc.

The hazard of dealing with treated wood is nominal and basically the same as if you were working with the wood untreated. This is because the product will have been both diluted and spread out over a large area of cellulose. So if you treat the rough lumber before milling it or if you didn’t treat it, you would want to wear a dust mask or respirator in either case to insure you aren’t inhaling sawdust. Sawdust is not good to inhale and a dust mask or respirator should be worn anyway during milling and other prep work like sanding. Likewise breathing sawdust of lumber that’s been treated with Boracare is not good so be sure and wear some type of breathing protection to prevent this from happening and this should prevent any type of exposure.


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