bamboo flooring with beetles


We live in Hawaii and recently purchased a 3-year-old home with solid bamboo prefinished flooring installed almost everywhere.  The seller had disclosed that several boards in the flooring had been replaced because of powderpost beetle infestation and we thought the problem was solved. However just days before we closed, we found evidence of emergence of more beetles from the bamboo flooring in a totally different location.  The evidence was pinpoint holes surrounded with half-inch circles of fine white powder.

Bamboo flooring with beetle infestation

Bamboo flooring with beetle infestation

We negotiated a settlement with the owner which gives us some extra funds for correcting the problem.  Our questions to you:  Would an effective treatment be to remove the surface finish, treat the bamboo with Boracare, and seal the floor with a new finish?  Should we be concerned that the infestation may have spread to other wood in the house?

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As explained in our POWDERPOST BEETLE CONTROL ARTICLE, the emerging beetles are adults which have just recently hatched from pupae development. And though they could migrate away from the flooring to some other wood in the home, I wouldn’t be too worried about it actually happening. Based on the amount of bamboo seemingly everywhere in the house, I would focus your attention on those pieces for now as I’m sure any adults will be doing the same (unless of course you have lots of other bamboo pieces throughout the structure).

The treatment option you highlighted above would in fact be the best overall approach to getting rid of the beetle infestation. Stripping the floor of it’s current finish will be required if you want to use BORACARE. Though tedious to do, it’s really the only option unless you choose to simply remove and replace all of the flooring. Bamboo is subject to many kinds of wood boring pests and a good treatment of Boracare would no doubt preserve it indefinitely so if you like the look and want to keep it, I’m sure the effort will be worth the benefit. The good news bamboo is easy to treat and overall treatments work well.

After the wood is prepared, be sure to vacuum away all the dust making the wood open to the treatment as much as possible. If you need some help calculating how much material you’ll need to use, give us a call toll free at 1-800-877-7290 and help. In general, one gallon of concentrate will mix with 1 gallon of water creating 2 gallons of mixed product.

For floors 1 inch or less, you’ll get 500 to 1000 sq/ft of coverage per mixed gallon.


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January 17, 2011

guest @ 7:56 pm #

We were visiting my inlaws last night and they mentioned that they are having difficulty with maintaining their cork floors. A fine talc like powder keeps appearing on their floors, more so in one area(bedroom). They had new cork flooring put in about a year ago and they say this problem has existed for a while now. Could this be a sign of beetle damage? Would the powderpost beetle infest a cork floor? Thanks for any info. Oh yes, there is no dusty material on any of the furniture that resembles what has shown up on the floor.
Thanks for any insight you might have.

June 9, 2011

guest @ 1:42 pm #

We have just installed Bamboo floors on a Project. This Bamboo flooring came from China. Now we are noticing what we think is the Powerpost beatle boring holes in a section of the flooring. What would cause this to happen?

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