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Dear Madam, dear Sir,

We have just moved to the US from the Netherlands. When setting up our antique closet from around 1830 we noticed that it must have a woodworm. It is a very beautiful and expensive cherry wood closet with a shiny finish on the outside. The wood dust however was found on the inside which is unfinished and where the wood is about 1.5 inches thick. Of course there are woodworm holes everywhere since it is an antique, but the holes are tiny. Would you recommend using Jecta Gel or Boracare? We don’t necessarily want to drill anymore holes into the wood, however we also don’t want to risk that the finish on the outside gets destroyed.

Please also inform me how to order the right product from you and what shipping to Lisle, IL, 60532 would cost.

Looking forward to your recommendation I thank you in advance.

Kind regards,

If you take some time to read through our POWDER POST BEETLE CONTROL article, you’ll learn these beetles are most likely what you have in you antique closet. People commonly refer to wood destroying organisms as woodworms but in most cases the actual pest is either drywood termites or some kind of beetle. The main difference between the two is that the termites will push out small pellets which are actually their feces. But they don’t create or expel any powder like the wide range of boring beetles will do. The fact that you’re finding dust is a sure sign of beetles and since many of these love hardwood, anything cherry is a sure target.

Based on how much of the closet it unfinished, I’d recommend the BORACARE. It’s highly effective, odorless and should do the job with ease. Most importantly you won’t have to drill any holes for the treatment nor will you have to risk damaging the outside finish. Boracare will only have to be applied to the inside unfinished surfaces and from there it will both penetrate and kill off all the active larvae. Once cured, the wood should be well protected for many years to come.

Lastly, shipping can be calculated when ordering online by our cart; alternatively you can call us toll free at 1-800-877-7290 for quote. I expect it to be in the 10-12$ range.

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