tv console with wood worms

We have a wooden TV Console that has several worm holes with dust around the holes. We have learned that Rooms To Go imports their furniture and the federal government ‘requires’ the furniture be treated, but there have been instances of untreated furniture being imported to the U.S.

We would like to know how to treat them and if they will travel to our wood floors and what to do to keep the infestation from spreading. Thank you for your help.

I suggest you review the FURNITURE TREATMENT section of our on line article that goes over wood treatments for pests like powderpost beetles, termites and wood worms. As you’ll learn, if the wood has some unfinished sides to it, you’ll be able to treat with BORACARE. When applied to unfinished (raw) wood, Boracare will absorb quickly and basically disappear. But once inside the wood, it will travel and permeate throughout the treated sections. And once uniformly absorbed, the Boracare will make the wood unedible to the wood worms. Eggs that hatch larvae ready to feed will meet a quick death once they start munching on the Boracare treated wood. This will eliminate the infestation as quickly as the eggs hatch. Eventually all will eggs will hatch and all the larvae will die thus breaking the cycle.

Now if it turns out that you don’t have any unfinished sides of the tv console, you’ll need to drill small access holes into which JECTA GEL can be applied. Jecta Gel is essentially the same type of material as the Boracare but basically designed in a gel form so that it can be applied for times when broadcasting a liquid spray isn’t possible.

In either case, once treated the wood will slowly absorb and distribute the treatment throughout all the grain and cells of the cellulose so that any beetles or larva in the wood will eat it and die.This type of treatment is very safe for non target animals like people and pets yet highly effective on anything that’s inside the piece.

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