scrap or save maple wood with powderpost beetles

I have lots of otherwise beautiful maple for making furniture but the powder post beetles are obvious. Should I just scrap it and use it as firewood or is there any possibility of salvaging it? Any suggestions will be much appreciated by this novice woodworker. Many thanks. Marv

There is no need to scrap this wood. In my opinion, wood that shows signs of insect activity adds character to it. Worm wood is a prime example of just how much some people like this look and how common wood that shows signs of insect activity will be used for both furniture and construction. Furthermore, hard wood that shows this sign is even harder to find making it even more rare and probably more valuable.

So what about the insect sign? Should that be a concern for anyone that might want to acquire furniture made with this wood? Not if you pretreat with BORACARE. Since it’s so inexpensive to use, I would treat all the stock with the Boracare (prior to building), let it cure and then go about using it with the knowledge that the insects have been treated and shouldn’t be a concern for the life of the pieces you make from the treated stock. Furthermore, the treatment will not pose a hazard to you, the furniture maker, nor to the eventual furniture owner because Boracare is so safe to use and once absorbed into the wood, poses no hazard to people where the piece is displayed.

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